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Waking Beauty® was set up by Shula Rich, an inventor and entrepreneur with many years of business experience, proven success and credence.

Waking Beauty® is the innovative natural sleep solution that helps prevent sleep wrinkles and supports back sleeping in the field of medical aesthetics and MedTech. It has international patents and is an innovative, natural product, UK crafted from materials that have a minimal effect on the environment and which have all been meticulously researched and sourced. Our wool comes from single breeds of British sheep, the Southdown and is enhancing sales of British Wool. We are fair trade and only use recyclable packaging to minimise waste.

Waking Beauty® is a visionary new contender in the market, but we’re not playing catch-up. With solid foundations, years of research and world-wide patents, our energy and expertise speaks volumes.

Our challenge? Making the world understand what exactly is so special about Waking Beauty – and why it’s vital.

Our products are  scientifically proven, and luxurious – but essential. Just because our products are crafted from the finest quality materials doesn’t mean they’re not also a crucial purchase.
Shula has recently been awarded a double gold award as one of the UK’s Inventors of the year for the Waking beauty Sleep System®.

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